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We’ve got a stand at Grand Designs Live from April 30th – May 8th, so come and say hello,  see who we are and see what we do. We’ll be promoting the idea of living in one-of-a-kind spaces and also launching Unique UK for properties outside London. And we’d love to meet you.kevin-mcloud-image



Limited edition, collectors item, piece de resistance, masterpiece. It’s widely accepted that anything bearing a title from this list will most likely serve you well, retaining and increasing its value, often very much against the odds. Whether paintings, sculptures, crockery or stamps, find an enthusiast and there’s hard cash waiting. We don’t usually treat property in the same way, but perhaps we should.francis-bacon


Yeah, yeah, yeah; location was, is and forever will be a prominent factor in values. So far, so blah. But what if we took matters into our own hands? Went for an extra quality to rise above the status quo and cushion against fluctuations, dips, falls and crashes. Or provide double-super-turbo-rocket-power when prices rise. Can we do that? Yes we can!


Buying a Unique space, or creating one out of something more mundane, can and does make a huge difference. The clue is in the word space. Not paint effects, de-cluttering or extreme blandifying. That’s for the also-rans.



 Hawthorn House

But taking your space to the next level, lifts you above the grey clouds of postcode searches into the bright blue skies of the specialist marketplace. And this is where things get interesting. No longer shackled by the dreary approach of “the one down the road for this much”, you free to appeal to those who have no interest in engaging with the high-street property market, and want and will pay to stay out of it.


Church conversions, school conversions, warehouse apartments, artist’s studios, mews houses, urban lofts, live/work units, factory penthouses. Every one of them sounds so much more exciting than a 3-bed semi, because they are. And by comparison with regular London housing stock, they’re still a rarity.


So whether the location is prime, secondary or downright questionable, it’s what’s inside that counts.