National Geographic Channel have created a real-life version of the animated film Up — launching a house thousands of metres into the air using balloons.

A team of scientists, engineers, and two world-class balloon pilots successfully launched a 16′ X 16′ house 18′ tall with 8′ coloured weather balloons from a private airfield east of Los Angeles, and set a new world record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted.


Using 300 helium-filled weather balloons, the lightweight building reached an altitude of more than 3000m and remained in the air for about an hour.

It just got us thinking that this would be the perfect way to move house in future – you love your house, but just want it in a different place. But thinking about it, it could give the Romany travellers a real advantage and could move on instantly to the next green belt plot – or our own back gardens………..



Have you got an interesting space you fancy letting out short term? Maybe you’ve got a tenancy coming to end next   summer? Or perhaps you want to run away from the madness next year and fund an adventure by renting out your pad?


  We are overrun with enquiries from pr agencies, media companies and the marketing world, Seeking truly unique, dynamic and incredible spaces for their clients during the games. That means cool & groovy spaces – big and small – with good access to the Olympic Village, from giant warehouses to funky studios, penthouses with terraces thru to urban lofts and factory conversions. Draw a line North-South through Oxford Circus and anything east of that is where we’re talking.


The main Olympics are from 27 July to 12 August and the Para-Olympics are from 29 August to 9 September. We have already agreed several Olympic Lettings with multiples of up to 6-8 times a normal long term letting price (we have just agreed a 6 week rental on a loft in N1 from 20 July – 24 August at a price of £5,950 per week. The normal rental value for a 12 month rental would be £850 per week).


So, for the right properties, opportunity knocks. We currently have enquiries from companies with budgets from £3,000pw to £50,000pw+. We plan to offer a small and very select range of properties for this opportunity (no more than 20) so, if you have a really interesting property that you would like to let out during and over the Olympic Period, please call Simon Harris on 0870 900 4050 or email for further details.


How do you improve on perfection? The short answer, of course, is you can’t.  And you probably wouldn’t. But you might tweak perfection to your own particular bent, even if that perfection was created by Mr Minimalist himself, the justifiably-acclaimed and award-winning architect, Seth Stein.




And now it’s story time.


When the current owner moved to The Piper Building in Fulham 6 years ago, he had a few “magic parameters” to fulfil. Like most of our clients, his fertile imagination ruled his search. Rather than being whisked along by mainstream television advice of location, location, location, his priorities were space, space, space. First, he wanted somewhere to sit outside and somewhere to park. That ruled out many a Shoreditch candidate. Next he threw in the need for cat-swinging proportions; wave goodbye to Victorian terraces. He then bade a fond farewell to new-build with a desire for high ceilings, and with his criterion of a genuine and voluminous loft experience, it was ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’ to West London. Or was it?


The Piper Building is something of an anomaly in the West London loft market, in that it is good. In fact, it’s more than good; it’s outstanding. We are often shocked and appalled at what some developers try to pass off as loft living, when their true aspirations are clearly to lower expectations and cram more mediocre apartments into a wonderful old building. Oddly, it is in the East where buyers have been historically more demanding; developers in Shoreditch & Clerkenwell would be run out of town for delivering such tosh. In the West, it’s generally been a case of ‘get what you’re given’.58-kitchen-small


Not so, The Piper Building. This is the real deal, and here is one of the most charming traits of all London’s loft addresses; every now and again, the number of apartments within the building reduces. Not because bits of it fall off, but instead, rather than leave, residents buy another loft next to their own and make the two into one. Whether the postman ever wonders what happened to number 75 we really can’t say; we just know that people love living here.58-reception-to-mezzanine-small


So, to the apartment in question. 150sq m of classic, urban, timeless loft space complete with double height void, a mezzanine level and a whole lotta concrete, glass, wood and limestone. Laid out as a splendid and cavernous 1 bedroom London pad, it is the size of a regular 4 bedroom house. The owner often smokes a cigar on the balcony, which not only has a view of the Thames, but also looks over The Hurlingham Club, who unwittingly give him a free fireworks display every November 5.


“After I first saw this place, I compared every subsequent viewing to here. Frankly, nothing ever compared. I wanted a place to go “wow” at, and this is the one that delivered”.