Did you hear tell of our recent betrothal? It could have easily escaped your attention because we’ve abandoned the standard behaviour of arguing in public, answering each other’s sentences and generally losing our identity. We’ve gone instead with a union so joyfully up with the times and down with kids, that we sometimes have to pinch ourselves at finding such a wonderful partner.new-london


Our dearly beloved, to whom we’d like to introduce you, is New London. Since their inception in 2005, they’ve been rather busy dealing with some of London’s most exciting and design-led new developments from this fine city’s bank of niche – some might say crazy – developers.  Along the way they’ve racked up RIBA prize-winning clients, national firsts and a considerable array of modern architectural beauties, while also finding the time for a long-standing flirtation with ourselves.


Here’s why we love them…

New London set out to prove that property developers had another choice than local high street agents and massive corporate internationals. That a small, specialist agency with marketing flair and detailed knowledge of the buildings it handled (sound familiar?) could bring something new to the business. They proved their case soundly. They had something of a flying start, outselling their very large international co-agent 7-0 at London & Orient’s hidden Clerkenwell mews, Compton Street. 9a-receptionNext up, the space-age (and RIBA prize-winning) DKH in East Dulwich, the debut scheme from Bespoke Homes. Here, New London outsold their local counterparts 5-1 and then produced the same result at The White Building in Borough, from the pioneering MacDonald Egan. They were impressed enough to give their next development, the bigger Glasshouse in Deptford, to New London who sold 14 times (!) as many apartments as any of their fellow introducer agents. More recently they’ve had a sell-out success at the launch of City & Suburban’s Ivy Waterside in Hoxton, released the UK’s first multi-dwelling PassivHaus development at ZERO in Islington and produced something of a stir among the agents in Greenwich, By insisting that higher prices were achievable than the local agents had been able to envisage, they caused 10-15% more for Mercury Developments’ Hermes Court than they’d previously been told they’d get.


You can see how, over the years, they have cemented many a happy relationship with some very impressed clients.


So as we march on into 2012, the century’s most exciting year for London so far, we do so arm-in-arm with a partnership bringing together two of London’s most fascinating property scenes – design-led new build and unique’n’ interesting spaces – and taking them to a larger audience of focussed, discriminating and, above all, serious buyers.cgi-of-graham-road-small1


Amen to that.




Yes indeedy. Our nation’s capital is becoming something of an embarrassment. There’s hardly any property available and this shameful state of affairs means we’re beginning to feel awkward answering the phone to anyone wanting somewhere to live (how fortunate that most people email these days). Anyway, this means there’s excellent money available to anyone with a place to rent out, particularly if it’s cool. And that, of course, is what we’re all about. So if you’ve got a unique or interesting space, we’ll get you a suitably sparkling renter and an equally excellent rent. Our tenants are a wonderfuly focussed bunch, looking specifically for alternative live/work and residential spaces. And they’ll pay.



If ever a building summed up viagra worth and resilience of originality in design, it is Bankside Lofts. We are unabashedly in love with the development and we’re far from being alone; it remains as hot and spicy as the mustard-coloured render that surrounds this loft-packed cylinder next to Tate Modern.


Made up of three distinct sections -  the aforementioned tube, a converted warehouse (the Victorian Lofts) and a glass & steel spectacular (Gallery Lofts) that wraps around the rear of the complex – there is something for almost everyone among the 130 unique spaces that lie within the walls. That’s right, 130 unique spaces. No two units are the same and the vast majority were originally sold as shells, making the quota of architects to apartments in this one development among the highest concentrations in London. No clone spaces, no stacked duplicates to save on the developer’s plumbing costs. It’s one of the best and most positive examples of ‘style over content’. 705-external-new-small


SE1 is now a fully-developed destination address with a healthy assortment of remarkable new buildings and conversions; this one postcode collects London landmarks like some sort of architectural aardvark. Through it all, Bankside & Gallery Lofts has remained constant. How does one building stand proud against a backdrop of evermore new and shiny neighbours? Because it is the one thing they are not.




And it’s not just the apartments that make living here so special. At the desk in the lobby you’ll find possibly London’s hardest-working concierge; try getting your junk mail past him and you come away not just holding your leaflets, but your tail between your legs. Being a resident here you feel cuddled and kept by this friendly-but-firm doorman who has the frontman since, if not the year dot, at least 1999. 52-gallery-lofts-external


We love Bankside & Gallery Lofts! And if you live here, or you want to live here, we want to talk to you.


Nothing short of a begging blog really!


In the last few months, we have seen demand for rental properties reach  unprecedented levels compared to anything we have seen for the last 15 years. And we have experienced several of our rental properties even going to sealed bids! Quite simply, people are looking for London’s more ‘individual and one-off properties’ for long term rentals at a scale which is not far off riot levels.

To give you some idea of the demand, we have listed below a small selection of the enquiries we have received in the last 7 days, (we chose these 5 out of 250) just by email:

‘Anything cool and open-plan from Bloomsbury, through Soho to Clerkenwell and down to Borough – 1 Bed fine – up to £1,100 per week’

‘Live/work unit up to about 2,000sq ft, ideally open-plan with separate bedroom area – almost anywhere in Zone 1 & 2 – £800 per week max’

‘Just looking for an authentic loft space anywhere East or South East approx 75sq mtrs £600-£700 per week’

‘Penthouse or lateral contemporary apartment with outside space of any kind (balcony/terrace) with parking – up to £1,800 per week’

‘A cool, modern house with some kind of garden – 2 beds minimum South West (north or south of River – can go to £1,400 for the right place’

Simon Harris, our MD, states:  ‘In all my time in the business, I have never seen demand on this scale for rental properties. There has been a definate shift in the last 3+ years to people looking for longer term rentals but most importantly, for properties which have something ‘a bit different’ about them. For example, we currently have over 500 people registered with budgets up to about £500 per week, for a ‘simple loft or similar open-plan space’ – 200 people registered for live/work units at any price anywhere in London – 300+ people registered looking for ‘something cool’ between £1,000 – £2,000 per week. We even had two recent cases if having to go to sealed bids for rental properties having received 4+ full price offers within 24 hours of each property going on the market. Our MD does not usually get this worked up about this kind of thing, but this time, his blood pressure needs lowering – urgently. So if you have, or know of anyone with, any kind of property that is slightly different from the norm – at any price – any location in London, please do contact us so that we can start to house some of these desperate enquiries. THANK YOU!