A few weeks ago, we were asked to go and see a Freehold Warehouse conversion in Hackney. Hearts in the valuation department started to flutter and pound away at the prospect of seeing something archetypal. So many times we are called out to see properties with the promise from the owners that they have something ‘special and unique’, only to be disappointed.


In this case, it was as good as it gets. Not only was it the perfect looking warehouse building with all the features one would expect, but it also had the needle in the haystack – a large private garden! Outside space and warehouse conversion don’t tend to come together, so it was a total surprise on every level. 

When the current owners bought this property back in the late 1990’s, it had previously been in the ownership of the same family for 60+ years and at the time was being used as a Button Factory. The current owners then set about converting it from an industrial building to a more home friendly environment to use as a LIVE/WORK property. Today, the property is what would describe as ‘shabby chic’ – wonderful original features with eclectic decor and would be fine to move into as as. But we think that with a bit of vision, re-arrangement and refreshment, it could be spectacular property retaining all the character and authenticity that one could hope for.

You better give us a call about this if you are interested before one of our staff buy it!