Yes, it’s true, and you need look no further than the property section of The Telegraph from last Saturday to have it confirmed. They ran an article on Britain’s 20 Best Small Estate Agents and we are delighted to have made the list. As what you might call a larger gentleman, being the smallest anything was something of a novelty, while the pithy one-liner of recognition – “This company found a niche–one off properties–and dominates it” – a welcome acknowledgement.


In fact, we never wanted to be–and certainly don’t see ourselves as–dominant characters, but we have worked particularly hard to become the natural choice for people with exciting and unique place to live.


We thoroughly recommend finding your own niche, so long as it’s not ours of course. Wherever your business may be, there is sure to be a niche. Look around you at the local vernacular. What’s the character of the area? 1930s semis? Victorian terraces? Local-authority housing? They’re all perfectly valid areas of business and, take it from us, declaring yourselves and being a specialist is magnetic for people with property that matches your chosen forte. Being an expert is far more alluring than being a Jack-of-all-trades.


Looking through the others on The Telegraph’s list, it’s clear that finding a way to stand out from the crowd is key to their celebrity. High streets are full of perfectly okay estate agents, but they can be hard to distinguish from one another. Much like the properties they display.


We’re fortunate to never have to ask our clients to do something with their home to make it look special, because they are all, by their very nature, unique and exciting spaces to live. Which is, of course, the very opposite environment to a regular high street estate agent’s window.


In a world where globalisation and homogenisation are ever apparent, the swing to individuality and independence grows ever stronger. Just as the most thriving high streets are those that are chain-store free, so too is the market for unique and one-off properties a fascinating and wonderful place.


We wouldn’t swap it for the world.