If you’d stalked me last week you’d have got quite an eyeful of British talent from the music and art world.


Jack Vettriano – he of The Singing Butler fame, Scotland’s most expensive painting when it sold in 1992 for £750,000 – came to have a look at a place through us. My 18-year old son is a huge fan of Jack and I managed to gain serious Daddy points when a signed card landed on our doormat. Not enough points for my offspring to tidy his room when asked, but it’s a start.


Next up we let the East London property of Drew McConnell, the bassist from Pete Doherty’s band, Babyshambles. He’s got what you might call a Blinding pad, a reference that will doubtless delights fans of the band, but sadly mean nothing to anyone else.


Then we really started cooking with gas, when Robyn Denny invited us round to look at his house, which we’ll be selling for him in a few months time. Not quite so abstract as his work, but a nonetheless inspiring space. Robyn’s paintings are something of a personal favourite of mine and almost all of them could sit very happily in the properties we sell and let. In fact I see a fair few of them adorning the walls of lofts, warehouses and other one-off spaces around town.


Finally, we’ve been in conversation with Adele’s producer – and co-writer of the Skyfall theme – Paul Epworth, who is on the hunt for a large place in North London to call home, set up a studio get on with the task of living an all-round music-biz lifestyle.


Everyone was a delight and we were left wondering how and if we could top such a week of prominent public figures. The only thing we came up with was Prince Charles inviting us on a tour of London’s edgiest modern architecture.


In other words, not likely.